Saturday, 31 December 2011

new year resolutions..

every year people make new resolutions..and here are my list..

  1. finishing my study
  2. never abandon my prayers
  3. try to make my parents happy and proud of me
  4. have a job by the end of the year 
  5. have people to start calling me Doctor
  6. start saving constantly every month
  7. depress the urge of shopping things that i do not need
  8. try keeping a pet
  9. become hardworking (no last minute work)- the hardest to achieve
  10. become more punctual
  11. be kind to others
  12. continuing this blog even though know i no one read it
  13. start exercising to maintain weight and have a healthy heart
  14. finishing watching all the animes that i've downloaded
  15. eat healthy food and keeping healthy skins
and the list still go on..i just don't know whats your resolution for this year?? any way, Happy New Year and may all of your wish comes true this year :)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

movie with girlfriends..

best gile movie marathon with my girlfriends semalam..watched sherlock holmes and mission impossible-ghost protocol..both movies are awesome but i disagree with rotten tomatoes yg cakap MI lagi best..sherlock holmes best lagi kot..hehe..maybe ramai yang tengok SH tak berapa nak paham sebab diorang guna british accent with all the ayat bunga2..salut to RDJ and Jude Law as they both very very good actors..the scenery, costume, action sequence was superb thanks to Guy Ritchie..MI,its a good movie but there is no handsome/beautiful people in there except Mr Cruise of course (rambut Ethan paling x tahan).. adoi..bila xde orang ensem nih annoy me to no end..i love MI:3 lagi sebab ada Jonathan Rhys Mayers and Maggie Q.not to forget Ethan's wife Julia (Michelle Monaghan)..but those action sequence in Dubai is the i can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises pulak next summer... :)

Monday, 5 December 2011

just want to try something

Q: What time did you go to sleep last night?
A: 4.30 am i think....

Q: This morning, what time did you get up?
A:  2.00 pm..what?? its sunday!!

Q: What was the first thing you did when you woke up?
A: push the snooze button on my alarm which happened to be my handphone...

Q: How long does it take you to leave your room?
A: 30min-1 hour...

Q: What was the first thing you ate today?
A:  a coffee to starts my day..

Q: How much money are you carrying today?
A: nothing..i didnt get out of my home..

Q: What are the clothes you’re wearing today?
A: a pajama

Q: What’s inside your bag today?
A: again, i'm not going out today..normally wallet, pens, notebook, hand sanitizer..

Q: If you had to describe today’s mood as a type of weather?
A: stormy

Q: What’s something you bought lately?
A: nothing..really need to go shopping..

Q: What’s something you laughed at lately?
A:  a new girl episode :)

Q: What’s something you cried at lately?
A:  damn flies who make my day a terrible one...

Q: What’s something that’s made you irritated lately?
A: group mates..really irritates me to no end...

Q: What’s something that surprised you lately?
A: nothing surprised me anymore..its like i can expected it..

Q: What’s something that’s got you excited/nervous lately?
A: exam!! not excited but very much makes me nervous

Q: What’s something that’s got you in high spirits lately?
A: listening to L'arc en Ciel and Tetsuya songs!!

Q17: What’s something that’s got you down lately?
A: cant sleep till noon anymore...and damn flies...

Q: What’s something that’s got you worried you lately?
A: My father, my assignment, my exams....

Q: What’s something you’ve failed at lately?
A: not that i failed but i hope that i'm never going to do a brochure again!!!

Q: Is there anything that’s caught your attention on the news recently?
A: Harimau Muda won againts Garuda Muda!!!! o yeah, thats made my day.. :)

Q: Something that you’re currently fixated on?
A: reading manga and fanfictions and downloading tvshows/animes / movies but never got time to watch it..

Q: What home electronics have caught your interest lately?
A: a big screen flat, can samsung galaxie tab 10.1 count??

Q: What’s the last photo you took on your mobile?
A: pictures of me and my friends during night class..

Q: Other than phone calls and text messaging, what else do you often use your phone for?
A: Alarm, Camera sometimes...i have a very old and a not so clever handphone

Q: What strap do you have on your phone?
A: A grinning Monkey D Luffy but i got lost Sanjii..

Q: In one day, how much mail do you have on your phone?
A: around 1-2..yes, i'm not that popular and i do prefer calls..

Q: What’s the thing you want most right now?
A: a nice long holiday with a lot of money to travel to Japan

Q28: Who’s the person you’d most like to meet right now?
A: Tetsuya and L'arc en Ciel..and most important  Daito Shunsuke  :)

Q: Right now, where’s the place you’d most like to try going?
A: Japan!! and Korea :)

Q: We say “summer,” you say…
A: Malaysia..

Q: Do you like summer?
A: Malaysia is always summer and it can get very hot sometimes so not really..

Q: Are you the seaside type? Pool type?
A: pool..

Q: What’s your favourite thing to eat at a summer festival?
A: cotton candy

Q: What flavour of shaved ice do you like?
A: apple, coffee

Q: Were you the type to quickly finish your summer homework?
A: nope, i love to delay and doing it last minute now, in contrast to what i'm done during my school years..but if i make my mind and heart to it, i'm doing it faster than anybody.. :)

Q: What did you like to play as a child?
A: all the traditional outdoors game- konda kondi, teng-teng, galah panjang, polis sentri...and monopoly..

Q: If you were a student, what kind of part time job would you like to try?
A: i'm a student and i don't want to do a job..

Q: What superpower would you like to have?
A: psychic, or strength like superman..

Q: At home, what are you called?
A: kak long (big sister)

Q: What type of girl do you like?
I´m taking man instead^^ ... someone who is smart, understands me and the one i consider handsome.  i don't care if he's not in others point of view...

Q41: If you’re dating someone, do you want to see them every day?
A: nope..maximum 2-3x/week..we're dating, not married!!

Q42: If you’re dating someone, do you want to be in contact every day?
A: yes, of course..

Q: Are you the text-messaging type? Calling type?
A: calling..hate to type on my small old phone

Q: For your ideal date, would you want to go out and have fun or have a laid-back time at home?
A: go out and have fun

Q: It seems like you’re going to be late for your date, what do you do?
A: call and tell him that i'm gonna be late..take a rain check if i can't make it..

Q: Does anything change when you’re in love?
A: i wonder...maybe, maybe not...

Q: When it comes to love, what is vital?
A: Honesty ...

Q: What do you want to do to the person you love?
A: whatever he wishes..

Q: Are you bothered by your lover’s past romances?
A: if i get insecure about her .. yes..

Q: Have you ever been heartbroken?
A: nope

Q: What do you look for in a potential marriage partner?
A: he needs to work, ... and Q40 ...

Q: The words you’d use to propose are…?
A: i love if my future husband propose to me like this "would you like to take me as your husband??" wahahaha :p

Q: How many children do you want?
A: 2 ..

Q: What names would you give them?
A: Hana  and Rayyan

Q: What do you think of as manliness?
A: shaving everyday, protective, good with technical

Q56: What do you think of as femininity?
A: long Hair, make up

Q: Regardless of gender, what kind of person can you get on well with?
A: a person who can tolerate me being bubbly...

Q: Regardless of gender, what kind of person do you find it hard to get on well with?
A: the kind who talks bad at your back, a disrespectful person,  a loner who hard to get friends..and a wierdo..

Q: If you could change places with an Arashi member for one day only…?
A: who's arashi???

Q: If you’re told at karaoke, “sing an Arashi song!”…?
A: what the hell?? i dont even know them..PASS..

Q: What good points about Japan would you like to recommend to foreigners?
A: their respect for others..i really hope all malaysian can adopt respectful...

Q: What’s your favourite word?
A: orait!!

Q: What would you be happy to hear right now?
A: you won a couple of holiday ticket to Japan!!

Q: What’s your favourite colour?
A: pitch black, brown, baby blue ...

Q70: Why’s that?
A: it suits me..

Q: What’s your favourite season?
A: rainy seasons...

Q: Why’s that?
A: a sunny day can be too hot in malaysia...

Q: What’s your favourite smell?
A:  one guess perfume..and musk..

Q: What’s your favourite sound?
A: the sound of bass played by tetsuya..and cello by brian kutzle of onerepublic :)

Q: What’s your favourite side-dish in a bentou?
A: i've never have bentou but i must say i like tamagoyaki

Q76: What’s your most frequently-used phrase?
A: mangkuk ..hahaha

Q: What are you collecting?
A: 50cent coins..

Q78: What’s your most treasured item?
A: my collection of Kindaichi manga..

Q: Honestly, what’s your weak point?
A: Heights..(i'm 4'8")

Q: When you first meet someone, where do you look?
A: face, torso, fingers..(no long nails please)

Q: Throughout your life, who have you received most inspiration from?
A: an internal medicine specialist i met in a hospital..

Q: What’s your favourite animal?
A: tiger

Q: If you were a different person, what would you think of yourself?
A: bubbly, easy to work with, miss-who-knows-everything...(but i'm not!!)

Q: What if you became prime minister?
A: i don't know..maybe eradicate poverty and illiteracy..

Q87: What is it that marks the fact someone has become an Adult?
A: when they start to listen and thinks wisely before doing anything, learn to respect others, knows time management, knows how to put a mask that conceal what they truly feels...

Q: When do you think that you became an “adult”?
A: when i became a medical student..around 23..

Q: Where in the house do you spend most of your time?
A: my bedroom...but living room if i'm at my parents..

Q: At home, do you go barefoot? Wear socks? Slippers?
A: my domo kun slippers..

Q: When you’re feeling down, what do you do?
A: surfing internet, writing on my blog while listening to L'arc en ciel, watch animes..

Q: Today when you get home, what do you plan to do?
A: i'm home and no plans..

Q: In your life right now, what is indispensable?
A: My Internet connection .....

Q: In your life right now, what do you not have enough of?
A: Money and money and money....

Q: What do you wear to sleep?
A: a comfortable t-shirt and pants..

Q:There’s 3 days till the end of the world… What do you do?
A: spent my time having fun with my family..

Q:What do you want to say to yourself, 10 years in the future?
A: well, hello Dr Norhazura..ready for your specialist graduation ?? :)

Q:What’s your dream right now?
A: have a nice long holiday travelling Japan..

Q:Final words?
A: hah..finally..its finish..i'm tired of typing already.. :)