Wednesday, 15 August 2012

this is it..the end of 9 years of togetherness

R-me and Lydia, this post was dedicated  for both of you.. today is the last day that i'm with my 2 of bestest friends..harini last time makan (buka puasa) sama, last time kira2 hutang-piutang, last day tidur di rumah yang sama, sedih sangat rasanya hati nak berpisah dengan korang.. dah 10 tahun kenal korang, tak pernah berenggang, ke kelas/hospital sesama, study sesama, makan sesama, mengumpat sesama, shopping sesama, tidur pon sesama (even bilik asing2, hehe)..pergi mana2 pun sama-sama..start dari KMB, KUTPM (MSU), Andalas, AUCMS- USU.. from 8 becomes 7, then 5, after that 3..and lastly we'll be alone..

sedihnya nak pisah dengan korang..i don't think ill be able to find friends crazier than both of you.. sama- sama sekepala and that makes stuff like decision making a lot easier for me.. i would like to thank you for sharing with me all the happiness, sadness, hateness, and all the emotion in the guys are the best in the world!!!

r-me, thanks for the car ride everyday, thanks for all the insight that you gave me because i admit i'm a bit blur sometimes..thanks for all the game stuff that you gave me.. and thanks for staying with me through thick and thin since 10 years ago until now..

lydia, thanks for all the proof reading stuff you did for me, thanks for all the company that you gave me whenever r-me was not home with us, be it watching tv or eating megi, thanks for giving all the stuff that you download to me and thanks for being with me every day for most of my school years...

walaupun kita nanti akan jumpa balik lepas ni tapi dah tak sama dah.. we'll never be living under the same roof again (walaupun rooftop tuan rumah kita ni asik bocor je kalau hujan lebat).. kita semua pun mintak keja jauh2.. everybody got her own life so let's live our life to the fullest.. call me anytime, tak kesah nak bagi berita gembira, kongsi masalah, nak buat reunion or wanting some shopping advice.. i don't care..just call me whenever you feel it, ok?..oh and this apply to you too Intan and Along jijah (hope you guys are not mad at me for not mentioning your names..miss you guys too)

yes, our school days was over but i really hope our friendship never does.. i'll miss you guys.. wishing you guys a healthy body and a happy life...and good luck in everything you do..

*can't believe my tears dropped while typing this*

"Never shall i forget the days i spent with you . continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours."  -Ludwig Van Beethoven

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