Sunday, 25 December 2011

movie with girlfriends..

best gile movie marathon with my girlfriends semalam..watched sherlock holmes and mission impossible-ghost protocol..both movies are awesome but i disagree with rotten tomatoes yg cakap MI lagi best..sherlock holmes best lagi kot..hehe..maybe ramai yang tengok SH tak berapa nak paham sebab diorang guna british accent with all the ayat bunga2..salut to RDJ and Jude Law as they both very very good actors..the scenery, costume, action sequence was superb thanks to Guy Ritchie..MI,its a good movie but there is no handsome/beautiful people in there except Mr Cruise of course (rambut Ethan paling x tahan).. adoi..bila xde orang ensem nih annoy me to no end..i love MI:3 lagi sebab ada Jonathan Rhys Mayers and Maggie Q.not to forget Ethan's wife Julia (Michelle Monaghan)..but those action sequence in Dubai is the i can't wait for The Dark Knight Rises pulak next summer... :)

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