Saturday, 31 December 2011

new year resolutions..

every year people make new resolutions..and here are my list..

  1. finishing my study
  2. never abandon my prayers
  3. try to make my parents happy and proud of me
  4. have a job by the end of the year 
  5. have people to start calling me Doctor
  6. start saving constantly every month
  7. depress the urge of shopping things that i do not need
  8. try keeping a pet
  9. become hardworking (no last minute work)- the hardest to achieve
  10. become more punctual
  11. be kind to others
  12. continuing this blog even though know i no one read it
  13. start exercising to maintain weight and have a healthy heart
  14. finishing watching all the animes that i've downloaded
  15. eat healthy food and keeping healthy skins
and the list still go on..i just don't know whats your resolution for this year?? any way, Happy New Year and may all of your wish comes true this year :)

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