Sunday, 15 April 2012

review for wrath of the titans

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and.. as i promised, here are the reviews about wrath of the titans.. ok first thing first.. what the heck with sam worthington's hair?? i hate it..i love his clean shaven head.. not those greasy curly hair that doesn't even suit him one bit!! *ehem*, anyways i'm going to talk about the movie, not the handsome sam worthington.

first - is it better than the first.. which part??

i personally think i like the first movie (clash of the titans) more than the new one.. why?? first- sam has no hair, second- previous andromeda is more beautiful than the replacement (so what?? i like to watch beautiful people) third, the story is not that interesting (maybe i do regret buy a ticket for it as i talked in a considerably normal volume just after the movie compared to the high volume to indicate that i'm excited!! )

second - CGI comparation
ok this is i think both movies have a lot of cgi's and i don't know which one is better.. but one thing i know is that wrath has a lot more cgi's than clash.. i don't know which scene doesn't involve blue/green screen.. 

third - actors
Ares, the god of war supposedly a god to be feared, not a sweet looking god.. i think he definitly not suited as Ares..because from what i saw he is too sweet and kind and i can't feel enough wrath from him..and this movie have less beautiful people... aren't greek people supposed to be beautiful?? *sigh*

fouth - kronos
 i'm not fully understand what kronos want.. is it a destruction of humanity?? to kill zeus?? what??? and it seems like hades revive him for nothing..

lastly, the action sequence is impressive even it is not that great.. maybe it is because of the cgi generated suitable for 3D viewing (i'm watching 2D though)..

well, that's what i can comment for now.. tommorow i'll do battleship..wait for it ok!!

A.H. is out.. peace!!

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