Sunday, 15 April 2012

Battleship review

(i do not own the poster, but it's cool right??)

ok, now it's time for battleship preview as i promised 2 days ago.. firstly, i don't even know this movie exist so i'm not expecting much out of it.. the opening sequence, it has * from the producer of transformers bla bla bla..* with this incredible sound effect just like transformers.. ok, that was expected.. (btw, i like the sound effect)

i liked the action sequence but not the story which i did found it a little weak..why?? first, about the alien invasion.  as who are they and why they want to  invade earth is not so clear (is just shown in a rapid sequence flashback of an alien, i don't know the human knows it or not). maybe there will be a sequel and they expand their stories..i don't now..

i hate to say this.. it's becoming transformers 3 as a big b*** woman was used as the hero's romantic interest.  please, i'm getting tired of it already.. with this shit of pleasing her father and what not.. it's so annoying.  i expect as a daughter of a fleet admiral she's going to be a tough woman, a fellow navy officer no less, in  war with her daddy.. not a sexy, hey-look-at-my-b*** physiotherapist.. but hey, she did ramming into enemy's lair..i give some credit for that.. (even tough whoever in her position will do that just fine)..

action sequence..superb!! i liked their planning +strategy+teamwork..i feel like i'm watching Gundam with no gundam..  some act sequence are a tad bit ridiculous however (why hopper and nakata want to be at the broken ship highest point before jumping in the water still makes me wonder. it 'll be easier for you to jump and has higher chances of survival if you jump at a lower point!! and they did survive.. unlike those people in the movie titanic, they jumped and died because of the engine's fans or something)

i like Captain Nakata a lot than the hero!! i think i'm the one who smile when he spoke in japanese as there is no subtitle shown (i only understand some simple japanese).  anyways, i like the trapped navy teams lead by both the captains. rihanna, not a bad actress but not a good one either.. something in the middle..she does act a bit cocky..yeah, i know she wants to portray she's one tough chick and whatnot but please be moderate..seems to me she's not living but acting inside the movie!! her toughness is not even close to zoe saldana, let alone angelina jolie or mila jovovich.. maybe she can be better in proper training.. and mr john carter with shorter hair does look good!! :)

one thing i know, i watch this movie because of mr Liam Neeson!! can't wait for Taken 2.. :D

ok, that's all for the simple review..thanks for your time even though there's some spoilers, i think (sorry!!).. see you in the next review.. (i plan to watch the avenger, the new spiderman and my long2 awaited the dark knight rises)

A.H is out.. peace!! :)


  1. waa...dah siap wat entri psl movie nih??

  2. haha..tatau nk tulih ape..maybe bole buat blow nih blog for movie review... :)