Saturday, 2 June 2012

what i've been doing last month..

well its been a whole month since i update my blog..well.. what happen during this time?? avengers-check. awesome movie..forgot to do a review about it because i've been busy..busy ke?? hehe..anyway, for those who did not have time to watch it just wait for the DVD release then..such an awesome movie (i love RDJ so much more!!)

me and my family on Angah's wedding reception ^_^

anyways, my sister also got married last week (along with a few of my friends) ..of course i came home for her..she's my sister!! but i hate all these busy body people asking me when will i marry..well, first of all - i'm single and i'm happy with it, second of all - its up to me-lah when i decided to get married..ade aku susahkan korang?? ade?? third of all - my parents doesn't even care, yang korang sebok sangat ape kes? and last of all, maybe Allah save a very special person just for me who can guide me here and the afterlife..who knows right?? hahaha..hope i answered all your question.

my sister look so beautiful on her wedding day (well, who doesn't right??) so congrats Angah!! wishing you a happy married thing that i regret, i don't have a lot of picture that day..(me being a busy, busy person in charged) but hope when i go back this week i could have all the pictures that they have..need to update some photos on facebook though. hehe..

so, thats it for today i guess..oh yeah, its June already..and my birthday is just around the corner..(OMG, i'm getting older again!!) so those whom i know well, please prepare my birthday gift for me ok!! (just kidding). i need to study now because my ophthalmology final will be next monday and i'm writing a crappy blog instead of preparing for the exam...well, who doesn't right ?? 

A.H is out..peace!! (found this awesome symbol webpage

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